Supported Family Access

"It takes a Village to raise a child" African Proverb​

​Supported Family Access

Whether you are a custodial parent, separated from your child or another significant person in a child's life, you understand that the time you spend together is invaluable. An atmosphere that facilitates support and safety can be essential to making your child's time with their loved ones enjoyable and can lesson the natural stress associated to these situations. Supported Visitation enables families to nurture positive relationships at a time when family members especially need one another.

Supported Visitation provides safe, secure and structured visits for children visiting a non-custodial parent or other significant adult(s) where there are concerns in regards to the safety of the children or the adults ability to provide appropriate parenting is in question. These services allow for independent, neutral observation and reporting on all activity during the visits. These reports are not assessments or evaluative in nature.

Be assured that all the agreements and court directives are honoured and at the same time allow for a positive child/parent visit, void of conflict and other parental issues.

These services are provided at 'The Village' which is a comfortable, inviting setting in the heart of Langley City.

As your supervisor, I bring experience in working with families and children who are experiencing difficulties either due to divorce, mental health or developmental problems and/or in situations where the family conflict is significant.

Along with providing these services to private clients, I have contracted with agencies that provide supervision services for MCFD .

I have an educational background in child and family development, conflict resolution and mediation. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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